Will Democrats Be Able to Preserve Net Neutrality After All?

The impending death of net neutrality looked pretty much set in stone, but congressional Democrats are giving it another shot to live on. On Wednesday, the US Senate will hold a vote to reverse the FEC’s previous decision. Can net neutrality be spared after all?

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up — the answer to that question is “probably not.” Although the initiative is likely to succeed in the Senate where it has the support of every Democrat as well as Republican Senator Susan Collins (making it a 50-49 vote with John McCain absent,) it will have a much bigger hurdle to clear in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, the vote would still be a win for Democrats. 83 percent of Americans want to maintain net neutrality, so it’d be smart for lefty legislators to take a stand on this issue rather than rolling over on it so easily.

The internet is awash with think pieces about how the Democratic Party needs to take stances on issues other than general opposition to President Donald Trump. Here’s a chance for Democrats to latch onto a popular issue and prove it is listening to the will of the American people.

Inevitably some will argue that it’s a useless political exercise if it cannot pass in the House, but never forget that House Republicans voted to repeal or amend Obamacare over 50 times knowing full well that the Senate wouldn’t follow suit. Symbolic gestures are the norm.

Besides, preserving net neutrality is, plainly, the right thing to do. House Republicans …read more

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