Trump’s ‘Great Chemistry’ With Murderous Strongmen

By Conor Friedersdorf

Some of the criticism aimed at President Trump over the North Korea summit is unpersuasive to me. I think presidents ought to meet with abhorrent foreign leaders. I disagree with those who insist that such meetings should be avoided for fear of raising the prestige of the dictator in question. And while I wish our president would’ve prepared more, I hope time proves the meeting a huge success. If so, I’ll praise him for it.

What galls me are the words Trump spoke after the meeting. North Korea’s leader “loves his country, he loves his people, he wants a lot of good things,” he said. Had that been it, I’d have cringed but forgiven a politically correct nicety.

“But he’s starved them,” Greta Van Susteren replied. “He’s been brutal to them. He still loves his people?”

Said Trump, “Look, he’s doing what he’s seen done, if you look at it. But I really have to go by today and yesterday and a couple of weeks ago.” He then briefly characterized the agreement that he reached with the North Korean leader.

Van Susteren had one more question.

“Because this is Voice of America,” she said, “it will be heard in North Korea, by the citizens of DPRK. What do you want to say to the citizens of North Korea?”

A big question!

Trump could’ve said, “America extends to you its friendship,” or “Despite any differences we may have with your government, despite what you may have heard, America wants to be a friend to your people, as we are friends to your neighbors.”

Instead, the president of the United States told the North Korean people: “Well, I think you have somebody who has a great feeling for them, he wants to do right by them, and we got along really well, we had a great chemistry, you understand how …read more

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