Trump Wants a ‘Space Force.’ What Does That Mean?

By Marina Koren

With a fighter jet positioned behind him, President Trump suggested on Tuesday that the United States create another military branch.

“Space is a war-fighting domain just like the land, air, and sea,” Trump said, addressing an audience of Marines at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego, California. “We may even have a space force—develop another one—space force. We have the Air Force, we’ll have the space force. We have the Army, the Navy.”

The president said the idea came to him recently. “I was saying it the other day—’cause we’re doing a tremendous amount of work in space—I said, maybe we need a new force. We’ll call it the space force,” he said. “And I was not really serious. And then I said, what a great idea. Maybe we’ll have to do that. That could happen. That could be the big breaking story.”

The idea of a space corp was already a news story—last year. In July, the House of Representatives passed legislation that would direct the Defense Department to create a new “space corps” as a new military service, housed within the Air Force. But the Pentagon—Trump’s Pentagon—opposed it.

“The Pentagon is complicated enough,” Heather Wilson, the Air Force secretary, told reporters last June after the House brought her in to discuss the idea. “This will make it more complex, add more boxes to the organization chart, and cost more money. If I had more money, I would put it into lethality, not bureaucracy.”

That stance, made firmly by a Trump appointee, is why Trump’s remarks on Tuesday were so surprising. The president was, in his usual way, speaking in an off-the-cuff manner as he described a potential new military branch. And, as has happened before, he ended up mangling his …read more

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