The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Four-Star Review

By Elaine Godfrey

Today in 5 Lines

  • NBC News reports that comments from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly have “eroded morale in the West Wing in recent months,” leading some officials to believe he’ll leave by July. In response, Kelly called the report “total BS.”

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel obtained documents proving that Iran had lied about not pursuing nuclear weapons when it signed the nuclear agreement. The Israeli leader is a longtime skeptic of the nuclear deal and views Iran as an existential threat.

  • Adult-film star Stormy Daniels sued President Trump for defamation after he tweeted that a sketch of a man who allegedly threatened her in 2011 was “a total con job.”

  • ABC News reports that the Trump campaign spent nearly $228,000 to cover legal expenses for Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen.

  • At least 25 people, including nine journalists, were killed in a pair of bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Today on The Atlantic

  • They Can Dish It Out, But They Can’t Take It: David Frum explains why the outrage from the Trump administration over the White House Correspondents’ Dinner is pretty ironic.

  • A Big Waste of Time: The media has blown the controversy involving MSNBC host Joy Reid out of proportion, argues Conor Friedersdorf. Here’s why.

  • What If Bobby Kennedy Had Become President?: A new Netflix documentary unpacks the Beatlemania-esque fervor inspired by the former U.S. senator during his 1968 campaign. (Sophie Gilbert)

  • The Difference Between Trump and Kim K: Since taking office, Donald Trump has repeatedly been referred to as a “reality-TV president,” writes Lucas Mann. That’s the wrong comparison to be making.


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