The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Cogito, Ergo Summit

By Taylor Hosking

-Written by Lena Felton (@lenakfelton) and Taylor Hosking (@Taylor__Hosking)

Today in 5 Lines

  • President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are expected to meet on Tuesday morning in Singapore, marking the first-ever meeting between a sitting American president and a North Korean leader. Hours before the historic summit, the White House said that talks between the two countries “have moved more quickly than expected.”

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions ruled that fear of domestic abuse or gang violence is not grounds for asylum.

  • In a 5–4 decision, the Supreme Court upheld Ohio’s practice of removing inactive voters from the rolls.

  • The Treasury Department announced sanctions against five Russian companies and three Russian nationals for allegedly aiding efforts to conduct cyberattacks against the United States.

  • The Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of Obama-era net-neutrality rules, which required internet providers to offer equal access to all web content, took effect.

Today on The Atlantic

  • ‘We’re America, Bitch’: That was one senior White House official’s response when Jeffrey Goldberg asked him what Trump’s foreign-policy doctrine is. Here’s what other advisers close to the president had to say.

  • Superficial Friendships: David A. Graham argues that the G7 summit should serve as a warning for Kim Jong Un: Loyalty is a one-way street for Trump.

  • Being Black Can Be Hazardous to Your Health: Olga Khazan spent a year trying to figure out why in Baltimore and other segregated cities, the life-expectancy gap between African Americans and whites is as much as 20 years. Here’s what she found.

  • A TV Industry on the Fritz: The president’s love of TV is well-established—which makes it all the more ironic that his Justice Department’s attempt to block the AT&T and Time Warner merger could doom the cable-TV industry. (Scott Nover)


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