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What John McCain Gets Wrong About Trump’s Nationalism

By Peter Beinart Being a liberal in the Donald Trump era is tricky. On the one hand, you’re grateful for any conservative who denounces the president’s authoritarian lies. On the other, you can’t help but notice that many of the conservatives who condemn Trump most passionately—Bill Kristol, Bret Stephens, Michael Gerson, Jennifer Rubin—remain wedded to […]

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A Bipartisan Obamacare Breakthrough

By Russell Berman When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, Congress may fix what President Trump tried to break. Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Patty Murray of Washington state announced a tentative agreement on Tuesday that would shore up Obamacare’s shaky insurance exchanges, offering the first glimmer of bipartisan dealmaking after months of […]

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How Trump Changed the Topic to Obama’s Consolation Calls

By David A. Graham With the political press in a volley of anonymous leaks and counterleaks about how Barack Obama did or did not console John Kelly after his son’s death, it’s important to reflect on how we got here—and what it shows about President Trump’s methods of controlling the media and the news cycle. […]

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Trump’s Nominee for Drug Czar Is Out

By Russell Berman President Trump’s pick to be White House drug czar, Representative Tom Marino of Pennsylvania, withdrew his name from consideration on Tuesday following the publication of a critical news report. It detailed how a law he wrote at the behest of pharmaceutical distributors has made it harder for the federal government to combat […]

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Purdue's President Takes Aim at the Left

Ready to make a difference? Help Truthout provide a platform for exposing injustice and inspiring action. Click here to make a one-time or monthly donation. Purdue University President Mitch Daniels made it clear to anti-racists that he’s more interested in attacking them than the fascists who are organizing on campus in a letter to well-known […]

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Hurricane Victims Don't Have the “Complexion for Protection”

With your support, Truthout can continue exposing inequality, analyzing policy and reporting on the struggle for a better world. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Millions of Puerto Ricans are still without water, food, electricity and shelter, four weeks after Hurricane Maria destroyed the island. With waterborne illnesses on the rise, a full-blown humanitarian […]

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Why I've Started to Fear My Fellow Social Justice Activists

Truthout refuses corporate funding and all the strings that come attached. Instead, reader support powers us. Make a tax-deductible donation today! Callout culture. The quest for purity. Privilege theory taken to extremes. I’ve observed some of these questionable patterns in my activist communities over the past several years. As an activist, I stand with others […]

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What Hollywood Forgets About LBJ

By Julian E. Zelizer President Lyndon Johnson has enjoyed a remarkable run in Hollywood. Next month, the most recent addition to the fictional canon will be Rob Reiner’s LBJ, a movie starring Woody Harrelson as the oversized Texan who dominated American political life like almost no one else in the 1960s. Reiner’s film revolves around […]

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The Great Undoer

By David A. Graham Last week was a banner week for Donald Trump—after the first week of his presidency, perhaps the most productive, at least in terms of raw political accomplishments. The two big headlines, pulling the plug on subsidies in Obamacare insurance markets and tossing the Iran nuclear deal to Congress, are both highly […]

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Stunner on Birth Control: Trump's Moral Exemption Is Geared to Two Groups

(Photo: Gabi Sanda; Edited: LW / TO) In times of great injustice, independent media is crucial to fighting back against misinformation. Support grassroots journalism: Make a donation to Truthout. Few people were surprised last week when the Trump administration issued a rule to make it easier for some religious employers to opt out of offering […]