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Volcano Lava Reaches Geothermal Plant and Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, Risking Public Health Disaster

On the Big Island in Hawaii, the Kilauea volcano is continuing to erupt, spewing plumes of ash and lava. Lava is flowing increasingly close to the Puna Geothermal Venture plant, or PGV, which provides 25 percent of the Big Island’s energy. Workers are rushing to shut down the power plant to prevent the uncontrollable release […]

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An Empire of Nothing at All? The US Military Takes Us Through the Gates of Hell

Although the peace movement is not a loud voice at this time in the US, it should be. In this introduction of A Nation Unmade by War, Tom Engelhardt discusses the history of the United States’ twenty-first century conflicts and how the country has become increasingly unsettled by the US empire as it continues to […]

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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Thou Shalt Not Block

By Taylor Hosking -Written by Lena Felton (@lenakfelton) and Taylor Hosking (@Taylor__Hosking) Today in 5 Lines A federal judge ruled that it’s unconstitutional for President Trump to block people from his Twitter account. After more than a year-long delay, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner received a permanent White House security clearance. NFL owners unanimously […]

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Collusion Happened

By David A. Graham Trump aides colluded with foreign governments. This is a simple, straightforward statement, and by this point, it ought to be an uncontroversial one. There’s ample evidence on many fronts, from legal documents to reliable reporting. This doesn’t mean that a crime was committed, because, as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and others […]

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A Top Bannon Ally Leaves Breitbart

By Rosie Gray Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam has left the company, a source with direct knowledge of his departure told The Atlantic, marking the exit of one of the most visible legacies of the company’s former chairman Steve Bannon within the organization. Kassam was one of the last staunch allies of Bannon still working […]

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The Undemocratic Spread of Big Brother

By Conor Friedersdorf Earlier this week, the ACLU led a coalition of two dozen civil-rights organizations in a new protest mounted in defense of an old proposition: that “people should be free to walk down the street without being watched by the government.” Facial-recognition technology threatens that proposition. Amazon is marketing a facial recognition product […]

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The Democratic Fight Over Prison Reform

By Russell Berman Many Democrats believed that a years-long bipartisan push to overhaul the federal criminal-justice system died with the election of Donald Trump. The president had proudly anointed himself the “law-and-order candidate” in 2016 and appointed as his attorney general Jeff Sessions, the Senate’s leading conservative critic of reducing mandatory-minimum sentences, improving federal prison […]

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GOP Tries to Grow Senate Majority With Inexperienced Male Candidates

The GOP has a lot of work to do if the party hopes to gain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate come 2018. After all, to get to the magic 60 they’ll have to keep every seat they already have, in addition to flipping 9 of the 26 seats currently held by Democrats or those […]

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Teen Voices in the Fight to Raise the Minimum Wage in Massachusetts

It takes less than two minutes to support the bold, independent journalism at Truthout. What are you waiting for? Click here to donate now! Norma Meza is an 18-year-old student at Charlestown High School in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Growing up, she watched her mother battle health issues such as kidney failure, lupus, and ulcers. Despite working […]

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The GOP’s Dizzying Response to Santa Fe

By Elaina Plott In the wake of mass shootings in America, Republicans and Democrats migrate to their respective marks as though urged on by a stage director. They read from their respective scripts, Democrats amping up their calls for gun control and Republicans stressing the need for more effective mental healthcare. Friday’s mass shooting in […]