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Trump's Tariffs Throw US Workers Under the Bus, Yet Again

Contrary to what Trump claims, his tariffs will not revive the aluminum industry. Instead they are certain to wreck diplomatic relations, invite retaliation and boost the profits of aluminum executives in the US, who will be able to charge higher prices. Most importantly, the tariffs will destroy jobs for some of the very people who […]

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Rep. Keith Ellison: “Why Shouldn't There Be a Maximum Wage?”

When a corporation like McDonald’s resists paying workers $15 an hour but pays its CEO $3,000 an hour, it’s time to have a maximum wage, says Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota). While at the Congressional Progressive Caucus conference, he sat down to discuss the new push for Medicare for All, and how we should be looking […]

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In Venezuela, It's “Democracy” if US-Backed Candidates Are Empowered, “Tyranny” if They Are Not

The US has systematically branded political action within Venezuela illegitimate and dictatorial whenever it’s unfavorable to the interests of the US-backed opposition. The Western media, meanwhile, have largely fallen in line with this cynical and strategic portrayal of Venezuelan politics, ignoring the opposition’s attempts to seize power by anti-democratic means. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro offers […]

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Is the Justice Kennedy Retirement Rumor Simply a Campaign Stunt?

Did you know? Truthout is a nonprofit publication and the vast majority of our budget comes from reader donations. It’s easy to support our work — click here to get started. It took holding a seat on the Supreme Court of the Unites States vacant for over a year — completely thwarting democratic ideals – […]

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A Call to the Media: Let's Go Beyond “Preserving Democracy”

(Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout / Shutterstock) In the face of Trump’s theatrics around “fake news” and “the media,” it’s easy to forget that mainstream media have themselves long served the forces of state-sanctioned violence and white supremacy in the US by helping to maintain the inequities that make democracy impossible. Moving forward, let’s make […]

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We Are All Fast Food Workers Now

Truthout is funded by readers, not by corporations, lobbyists or government interests. Help us publish more stories like this one: Click here to make a tax-deductible donation! “Many people are angered by the cruelties of the twenty-first-century economy. And their fury has fueled worldwide protest. Simultaneously, and almost everywhere, low-wage workers and small farmers began […]

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Martin Shkreli Is Going to Jail Because He Forgot There Are Consequences for Hurting the Rich

This article was published by The frat boy of pharmaceuticals, Martin Shkreli, was sentenced to seven years in prison this month for securities fraud and conspiracy. After four years of earning millions by controlling the supply of certain medications, he was convicted of defrauding hedge fund investors in a Ponzi scheme. In many ways […]

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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Secretary of Interior Design

By Elaine Godfrey Today in 5 Lines Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to be released from a 2016 agreement requiring her to stay quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. And a New York court ruled that a defamation lawsuit filed against Trump by Summer Zervos, a former […]

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Why Won’t the White House Call Russian Elections Corrupt?

By David A. Graham The White House again offered a puzzling response to foreign policy regarding Russia on Tuesday, refusing to criticize the voting that reelected Vladimir Putin by a landslide on Sunday. Asked whether the White House deemed the election “free and fair,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders offered this deflection: In terms of the […]