Not That George Papadopoulos

By Julia Ioffe

Yesterday morning, George Papadopoulos emerged from a blithe food coma in his elderly mother’s town of Larissa in Greece—she had made orzo with red sauce and beef, George Papadopoulos’s favorite dish—to find that the world had discovered him and all the Georges Papadopouli of his ancestral hamlet.

He was not happy.

Because this George Papadopoulos was not that George Papadopoulos. A former foreign-policy adviser to Donald Trump whose sealed plea deal went public on Monday, the other George Papadopoulos admitted to lying to federal investigators who were looking into his rather extensive contacts with a cast of characters that reads like a Russian-themed version of “Clue”: “the Professor,” “Female Russian National,” and “MFA Contact.”

This George Papadopoulos, a fee-only, certified financial planner based in Novi, Michigan, was at pains to explain that he was not the indicted Papadopoulos.

It didn’t work, nor did George Papadopoulos’s first line of defense, which was that his mother’s culinary talents were making it difficult for him to maneuver.

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