Maintaining Momentum Against the Tax Bill

How do you pass a tax bill that hurts the bulk of your constituents while lining the pockets of the wealthy? Members of Congress have been speeding to push their historically unpopular tax cuts, voting in the dead of night on a bill covered in handwritten notes with the hope that their haste will prevent their plans from being derailed. But across the country, people have been telling their elected officials: the bill comes with a disastrous price tag for the constituents they’re supposed to represent.

The weeks preceding the Senate vote saw a flurry of protests and rallies aimed at stopping the tax bill in its tracks. Groups like Americans For Tax Fairness have been publishing nonstop updates and fact sheets to educate the public.

And even as the tax bill cleared another hurdle over the weekend, the actions have continued. Maine residents protested outside the office of Senator Susan Collins, calling her vote in favor of the bill a “betrayal.” Just hours after the vote, hundreds in New York City demonstrated outside of a GOP fundraising event attended by President Trump. Protesters around the country have shown that despite the rush to pass tax cuts, they already know about the potential costs of the bill — and not just the economic kind.

For Rebecca Wood, that cost could come to her five-year-old daughter Charlie, who relies on Medicaid for her healthcare. Wood is concerned about what potential cuts to the program could mean for her child, whom she describes as medically complex.

So on November 28, Wood, …read more

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