I am done with pragmatists

I’m sick of pragmatism, the pragmatism I’ve supported for years. Radicalism has driven the wrong wing and radicalism is required to save America from theocracy and authoritarianism.

It is time for the second American Revolution!Fight

This November, I will support the New Democrats and rid us of the old guard, old pragmatists who think we can compromise on things like child abuse, open borders, our right to healthcare, guns, womens rights to control their bodies, income/wealth divide, saving our only Earth and other compromises on the basic values that have built the greatest civilization in history.

No more compromise. No more “respect their opinions”. No more calling lies, untruths. No more valuing their socalled freedoms over our right to life. No more false equivalencies. No more white patriarchy.

Pragmatism needs to join feudalism in the dustbin of history.

No more Resisting. Resisting is for losers.
Winners Fight and the time for Fighting is now.

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