How Trump Earned His Low Approval Rating

By Conor Friedersdorf

The percentage of Americans who disapprove of the job that President Trump is doing rose to 57 percent over the weekend, his worst showing yet. Just 37 percent now tell Gallup they approve. “At this point in his first term, President Obama’s approval rating was hovering in the low 60s,” ABC News notes, “while President George W. Bush’s was in the mid-50s.” Why is Trump getting such lousy ratings from the public?

Losing the popular vote by a margin of 3 million people doesn’t explain these latest findings, which are looking much worse for Trump than when he was first inaugurated. For two days beginning on January 24, the president managed to be in the black: 46 percent of Americans approved of him while 45 percent disapproved, suggesting a willingness at the start to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Then his ratings started to slide…


…and now, the turn toward greater disapproval is reaching new heights.

There’s never any telling what next week will bring.

But if some Trump voters are turning against him, as these numbers suggest, the hit is well-deserved. Even Americans who loved Trump’s campaign promises have been given new reasons in the last couple of months to reassess their prior support, even if they’ve lost no enthusiasm for his “Make America Great Again” platform.

The problem for them is what they’re getting instead.

For example:

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