Family Separation Protests Shift the Narrative

By Vann R. Newkirk II

WASHINGTON, D.C. The pathway of protest is well known to those who choose to walk it. Often starting with gatherings in Lafayette Square, where rallies can rattle the windows of the adjacent White House, people stream onto Pennsylvania Avenue, heading to go make a human wreathe around the Department of Justice and other government buildings. Over the past year, the pathway has become well worn, the sight of thousands of footprints on the grass in the city’s squares or the National Mall much more commonplace. The chants are often similar. On Saturday, when some 50,000 protesters descended upon the nation’s capital, they hewed close to what’s now become a D.C. leitmotif.

But it was there in Lafayette Square, under the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette, one of the most important foreign-born citizens in American history, where this protest blended the old and the new, and showcased what the next few years of politics will look like. There, at a rally originally created to protest the Trump administration’s policy of stripping immigrant children from families at the border, demonstrators protested several related issues and joined in spirit with the hundreds of other rallies that were held around the country.

At this rally, the luminaries were there in their full brightness. Lin-Manuel Miranda, America Ferrera, Alicia Keys and other celebrities gave emotional speeches, demanding an end to this administration’s immigration policy, and providing a family-centered view of the ultimate effects of that policy. Of those, the most personal speech came from Orange is The New Black star Diane Guerrero, an American-born daughter of Colombian parents who at 14 was separated from them when her parents were deported. “Even some 17 years later, I can still remember how it felt when I first cried out for my parents and they couldn’t …read more

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